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Detox Vegan Zero Waste Soap
  • Detox Vegan Zero Waste Soap


    Made from zero waste lemon and lime dehydrated powder, green tea, and pure aloe vera leaf juice, this bar provides a cool, soothing effect while it cleanses, detoxifies, and moisturizes the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.


    Its unique formulation contains peppermint oil and cucumber extract that gives a refreshing scent that smells just like peppermint sweets. Experience a rich lather with this 100% vegan soap free of sulfates, parabens, or other synthetic chemicals. Our handcrafting process ensures longevity for longer than most store-bought soaps.



    Our zero waste approach conserves natural resources and reduces pollution from extraction, manufacturing, and disposal. This approach includes the recycling of quality food products, such as citrus peels and coffee grinds, that are loaded with health benefits but are usually thrown away.


    We also avoid the use of plastic packaging and single-use plastics to break the cycle of unsustainable and wasteful production and consumption.  Our goal is to produce high-quality and long-lasting ethical products. 


    - Naturally antibacterial & antiseptic 

    - Contains anti-aging properties

    - Alleviates dry & itchy skin

    - Contains Vitamins C&E and beta-carotene 

    Cucumber Powder 1 g - aloe vera - peppermint oil 1 g - Glycerine 25-50% - Aqua 10-25% - Sorbitol 10-25% - Sodium Laurate 10-25% - Sodium Stearate 10-25% - Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice 10-25% - Sodium Oleate 5-10% - Sodium Chloride 0.1-0.5% - Citric Acid 0.1-0.5% - Sodium Citrate 0.1-0.5%  - Pentasodium Pentetate <0.1% - Tetrasodium Etidronate <0.1%

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