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Oracle Candle
  • Oracle Candle


    Oracle Candle  - Bay Laurel, Cedar and Jasmine Scented Rapeseed & Olive Wax Candle


    Tall: 1 KG - 100+ HOURS OF BURN

    Large: 738 G - 80+ HOURS OF BURN

    Medium: 710 G 60+ HOURS OF BURN

    Small: 510 G - 50 + HOURS OF BURN


    Our Oracle Candle provides a rich and smokey floral scent, perfect for stress relief.


    Experience our scented candle created by hand from start to finish, marrying ethical containers of recycled wine bottles and wonderfully scented coconut and olive wax candles to fill your home with a rich and unique fragrance. Our Oracle Candle provides a delicate and subtle floral scent, perfect for a balmy aroma. 


    Please note as every bottle has been upcycled and recrafted individually by hand, no two are the same and they are not perfectly uniform in shape which adds to their beautiful charm. 


    Our candles are planet-friendly. We want to tell you about some of the wonderful things that they do. 
    For you:
           *Our unique scents were purposefully created to help cleanse the home's energy and be a natural remedy for stress.
    For the planet: 
           *Use 100% eco-friendly ingredients
           *Adopt a zero-waste approach by using recycled wine bottles for a unique look
           *Encourage eco-conscious consumption and production


    Each candle has been created using high quality, vegan ingredients. The mix of Rapeseed Wax and Olive Wax is one of the most sustainable option within the market. 
    Rapeseed grown in the UK and the EU make it the most eco-friendly choice with a lower carbon footprint than many other imported plant waxes such as soy and palm wax. Candles made from olive wax burn the cleanest compared to other types of wax as it produces less soot so you don't have to worry about keeping your surfaces clean and have a long burning time and clear and calm burning behaviour.


    Our products are sustainable in every detail. On top of using eco-conscious materials, we commit to making everything by hand and without machinery to reduce our carbon footprint. We also make sure to reuse any existing packaging that we already have, when shipping your orders, and ensure that packaging is recyclable for you. 
    We’re not perfect though and some things are difficult for us to get 100% sustainable, as we’d like them to be. Our mission in 2022 is to start supporting and taking part in carbon reduction projects to offset this last little bit.

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