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The Second Hand Surge - How people are turning to preloved to beat the crisis

In 2022, the cost of living crisis is never far from most people’s thoughts as they brace themselves for what is likely to be a tough winter. It goes without saying that many people will have to forgo some of life’s little treats and luxuries, however, smart shoppers are tackling this by getting onboard with preloved.

Buying time for our planet

Preloved, or second hand items provide a way for consumers to purchase items at a fraction of the cost of buying them brand new. As well as saving people vital cash at a time when it's most needed, the trend toward preloved is also good news for the environment. Protecting the planet’s resources is of vital importance in 2022 and is a cause which is championed by many organisations and public figures, including the new King, Charles III. On a practical level, each and every one of us can do our bit simply by changing our shopping habits, for example, switching from buying brand new mass produced products to purchasing salvaged and second hand items.

Preloved clothes in particular are proving to be a booming industry and, while thrifty shoppers pick up a bargain, they’re also, at the same time, protecting our planet as this helps to save on resources such as water and energy, reduces carbon emissions and, importantly, reduces the amount of clothing which ends up in landfills and incinerators which have an incredibly negative impact on our environment.

Bringing sustainability home

Preloved, salvaged and reclaimed furniture and household goods are also big news at the moment and these include reclaimed and salvaged floor tiles and sustainable and salvaged furniture. When buying these items, you not only help our environment but, also, nab yourself some truly unique pieces for your home.

Where to buy preloved items

These days, unique and sustainable furniture and home decor items are widely available both online and on the high street. Similarly, second hand clothing can be found online and, also in high street charity shops for incredible prices - including designer items. You can also get involved in the preloved boom by selling your own clothing and other items through online and social media platforms.

It’s easy being green

When it comes to doing our bit to help save our planet’s resources, this can be as simple as making some changes to our shopping habits. Buying reclaimed, salvaged and upcycled clothes, furniture and other items can have a significantly positive impact on our environment, as well as saving us cash at a time when this has never been more important.

Sustainable & Salvaged specialises in bringing new life to old products through a process that is sustainable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly.


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