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Sayen Emerald Textured Recycled Glass Pendant Light
  • Sayen Emerald Textured Recycled Glass Pendant Light


    A statement pendant light that brings environmental awareness and style to your home. This glass pendant light is made from recycled wine and spirit bottles which are painted using a sturdy heat resistant textured eco friendly paint that resembles ceramic in black with a paint gold interior to reflect a warm, bright ambience light. We can also do the interior in copper or silver to reflect other tones of light.


    We like to keep things transparent, so here’s a bit about what materials we use in our pendant lights. We use: 
           *wine and spirit bottles from the local hospitality industry
           * that would have otherwise gone to landfill
           *Eco-friendly chalk paints, that are not only better for our planet but that are also safer for us, our friends and our families
           *energy efficient wiring to save on how much electricity your home uses


    As a small, family business we do not carry stock. We like to handcraft everything to order so that it can be bespoke and personalised to you. When you buy a piece of furniture from Sustainable & Salvaged it is not just a simple transaction. We like to take you on the journey with us so that you can feel like you had a part in making it too. With this piece, you can customise both the colour of the frame and the seat. 


    Our products are sustainable in every detail. On top of using eco-conscious materials, we commit to making everything by hand and without machinery to reduce our carbon footprint. We also make sure to reuse any existing packaging that we already have, when shipping your orders, and ensure that packaging is recyclable for you. 


    We’re not perfect though and some things are difficult for us to get 100% sustainable, as we’d like them to be. Our mission in 2021 is to start supporting and taking part in carbon reduction projects to offset this last little bit.



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