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Jaci French Baroque Coffee Sack Settee
  • Jaci French Baroque Coffee Sack Settee


    The Rococo style was prominent in the early 18th century, characterized by exuberant ornamentation and grandeur. This Baroque settee evokes the Romantic era brought to life in modern dark accademia aesthetic.
    Crafted from French oak wood, its padded seat and back cushions offer comfort and support. Featuring our recycled burlap coffee sack material from South American and African producers, it has elaborately carved designs and opulent fabrics. This 2-seater boasts a hand-painted finish and ornate design.




    All photographed items are examples of previous work that has been sold. As a green company, we do not carry stock. Therefore items, though similar to the photograph, may have variations. If you are purchasing several of the same item where variations are not desired, please send us an inquiry via email so we can work to fulfill the order to fit your preferences.  



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